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159 A6 lenticular postcard 3d after Starry night Van Gogh

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We have taken a number of prominent paintings by well-known Dutch painters as inspiration and redesigned these pictures in a contemporary, fresh way.

Because we are big fans of Van Gogh we have chosen the most famous Van Gogh’s paintings as inspiration for our 3d lenticular Van Gogh collection. As a tribute to Van Gogh we developed new illustrations which clearly refer to the originals.

Starry night
In our interpretation of The Starry Night we also worked with a striped pattern to create movement in the sky and to make the stars and the moon more alive and sparkling. Also by moving the lenticular card, you notice that in the village, the light in the houses changes also in a subtle way. To achieve great depth we have constructed this image in many layers. So spectators are challenged to look more closely at this magical night scene.

The designers of Orange Panda have developed a beautiful lenticular collection containing postcards, magnets & bookmarks. The designs are contemporary and have lively colours. The combination of depth and movement effect makes the images even more appealing to the imagination.



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